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The form follows the content and principles.

Furniture industry has emerged and heirloom quality furniture gone almost extinct. Modern consumer society seems to accept that the store bought furniture will be either
1.) disfunctional, or
2.) out fashionedin at least a decade.

I can firmly state that I know another solution on this.

1.) Solid wood joinery undoubtedly lasts for centuries if combined with a durable wood
2.) I'm not talking about taste here. Natural lines can never get boring. Take a look at a Nakashima table from 1960. It is what is. It means what it is. Take a look at another table from 1960. Which one would you be able to imagine in your home for decades? Let alone, inheriting it from your grandparents... Huh?

The woodworking techniques applied are also very important to reach a very high level of

As a chemical engineer I'm fascinated by the complex production process of wood glues. But since crude oil is their ultimate source, they are obviously not really economically friendly products to say the least.

Nor are the finishing agents; paints, lacquers, varnishes. Bees wax and/or plant oils will
suffice, thank you.

Solid wood joinery has proven in the last few millennia. The miracle is given by our ancestors; we just have to use it.