Because you spend a third of your life in bed.

We will help you to have a healthy & lasting & inspiring bed that we all deserve.

First off, do you care about the environment?

Live edge bedOK, but do you also DO something for it?

"1 tree planted for every product sold" seems anemic and disappointing?

Live edge bedWe think that, too. Imagine a forest with thousand trees. That is your contribution to Earth's healing with an Everniture piece. We're an official partner of Edenprojects donating funds for planting 1000 trees after each bed/bookcase/dresser/table/etc sold. The contribution also offers hope through the employment of tens of thousands of people in countries where extreme poverty is rampant.

Store-bought doesn't fit?

Live edge bedYou are unique. You have your own preferences and we do respect that by enabling you to vastly customize your furniture; you can even have control on how we collaborate on your piece. Please fill out our bed customization form. You won't just buy something here, but you can be part of an unforgettable experience of your furniture being born.

You want a piece that outlasts fashion trends and will make a meaningful heirloom piece?

Live edge bedApart from the truly unique environmental attributes of Everniture pieces, the combination of timeless live edge design and ageless structural solutions yields a highly desirable piece of art that also serves you and your family for generations to come.

Want to control how your piece will look like?

Live edge bedYou are part of the slab selection process either via whatsapp video call or via emailed photos. We keep a vast selection of slabs (500+) to choose from. You tell us your preferred level of slab rusticity&curvature and we'll preselect several slabs for you to choose from. On stock wood species are: Ash, Oak, Fumed oak (fuming level to your taste), Maple, Highly figured aspen. Oak slabs are available up to 28'' width or 14' length.

You love immediate and reliable pricing?

Live edge bedOur prices are perfectly reliable. The prices you see on products' pages include shipping costs to your home, and there are no hidden costs (US and CAN import customs duty rate is 0% for furniture from EU). In case of beds, mattress is not included.

Underwhelmed by slow customer service?

Live edge bedWe couldn't agree more. Our recipe is simple; we provide what we'd like to experience if we were customers. We can boast super fast and thorough communication. Hit the whatsapp button - chat with us or call us.

Fed up with harmful chemicals?

Live edge bedWe've been feeling like that for a long time. In fact, this very condition made Everniture come to life in 2011. We wanted to have the purest furniture possible. We're happy to report we achieved that by making it. Everniture means 100.00% solid hardwood furniture without a single drop of glue and without metal fasteners. We use natural finishes containing plant oils and wax without any kind of solvent.

Fascinated by nature's beauty?

Live edge bedSo are we. Natural lines are not only appealing and inviting but it can never get boring. Stunning live edge grain use with all-around high end craftsmanship will elegantly showcase nature's beauty.

Unthinkable waiting months for a custom piece?

Live edge bedUnlike other custom woodworking shops, our usual turnaround time is 4-5 weeks (including shipping). We are also able to accommodate rush orders, however please note that there will be a rush fee of 20% added to your project. Turnaround time is around 2 weeks this way.

You love special and unique features?

Live edge bedIn addition to the unique structural properties, there are other features that you won't find anywhere else. For example both faces of an Everniture bed's headboard can be exposed – you can flip it any time without any tool. Or consider the extreme lifetime of our beds; this means that one day you'll be happy to have another one or two bed heights built in your bed. In addition, our devotion to precision makes multiple parts interchangeable.

Frustrated by small parts and hours of assembly?

Live edge bedEverniture pieces are exceptionally easy to assemble and disassemble. Our beds are hold together by four wedges. No screws, no screwdriver, no nails, no metal brackets or dowels are needed. The only tool you'll need is a small hammer included in your pack.

You need a matching set of furniture?

Live edge bedNo problem; please explore our range of furniture listed on this website. Beside beds and bedroom furniture, we also provide a wide range of furniture types that are not necessarily listed (cabinetry for example). If you'd like to have something that isn't listed, let us know and we will send you a sketch of an Everniturized version to start the collaboration from.

You have a large project?

Live edge bedDue to cost effective shipping of high volumes by sea, special pricing is available for large shipments to North America. (-20% from $10k; -30% from $30k)

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Having worked a decade as a chemical engineer in quality management I prefer the lifecycle approach. Let me describe Everniture from soil to soil - it's going to be a centuries-long journey. How thrilling is that?!

Ancient techniques combined with the productivity of the present technology give us unprecedented opportunities.



The only material used is solid hardwood.